1. Why is our sacramental programme parish based?

This model of sacramental preparation is designed to support parents/guardians who are the foremost educators in their child’s faith journey. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that, “parents are called to be the first teachers of their children in the ways of faith”.

Your local parish community supports, encourages and welcomes you and your child in their faith journey. This includes preparation and your ongoing sacramental participation. The programme is parish based with all preparation conducted outside school hours.


  1. What are the main requirements of the programme?

At least one parent/guardian and the candidate needs to participate in all aspects of the programme including:

    • Registration
    • Parent Information Meeting (children not required to attend)
    • Mass for Rite of Commitment
    • 4 sessions
    • Sacrament Practice (except Reconciliation)
    • Reception of the Sacrament


  1. Do I belong to Mary Immaculate Parish?

Yes, if you attend weekend Mass at Mary Immaculate, Eagle Vale.


  1. What if I am a parishioner of another parish?

Parish based sacramental programmes are available at all surrounding parishes and we recommend that your child’s sacramental preparation and reception be done in your local parish.

Contact details for enquires about sacramental programmes for surrounding parishes are shown below:

Mt Carmel Parish, Varroville: www.olmcvarroville.org.au

Parish Contact Tel: 9603 7373

St Mary MacKillop Parish, Oran Park: www.marymackillopparish.org.au

Parish Contact Tel: 4648 2226

St John’s Parish, Campbelltown: www.stjohncampbelltown.org.au

Parish Contact Tel: 4625 8044


  1. When can my child receive the sacraments?

It is up to the parents to determine when they believe their child is ready to receive the following sacraments, but the earliest they can receive the sacraments in our parish is as follows:

    1. Candidates for Reconciliation need to be in Year 3 or above.
    2. Candidates for 1st Holy Communion need to be in Year 4 or above.
    3. Candidates for Confirmation need to be in Year 6 or above.


  1. What documents do I need to provide?

All sacraments require presentation of a copy of the child’s Baptismal Certificate, obtained from the parish where the child was baptised.



  1. What will be the cost of the programme?

$30 per child to cover the costs of the programme.

This is to be paid at the Parent Information Meeting.

EFTPOS/Card facilities will be available. We hope to also have direct deposit facilities available before this meeting. Further information will be available when this is confirmed.


  1. How long do the sessions run for?

1 hour


  1. Who will run the sessions?

A team of trained and experienced leaders will run the sessions using the ‘Gratia Series Sacramental Programme’.


  1. What is the latest date applications for sacraments will be accepted?

At the 5.30pm Mass on Sunday 9 February 2020.

If you miss this date you will need to wait till the following year.


  1. How do I book in for sessions and sacrament dates?

We use an internet booking system for choice of Parent Information Meeting, all sessions and reception of the sacraments. For sessions you will need to choose either Sunday morning or Tuesday evening. You will be advised by email when bookings are open.


  1. Is the programme optional?

The candidate’s and parent’s attendance at all four sessions and the sacrament practice is mandatory. Missing a session without notifying the Coordinator will mean that a candidate has resigned from seeking a sacrament.


  1. Why are we advising you of sacramental dates this early?

We would like to give you early notification of the dates and times for the 2020 sacramental programme, so that you can take them into account when you are planning for next year.


  1. Do I need any further information?

If you have any further questions, please email eaglevalesacraments@dow.org.au



Important Sacrament Programme Dates and Activities for 2020

Steps Required:


  • Complete and lodge Sacramental Application Form:

1/2 or 8/9 February available after any Mass (Mass times are Saturday 5.30pm, Sunday 8.30am, 10.00am & 5.30pm).



  • Attend Parent/ Guardian Sacramental Information Meeting in Hall (for all 3 sacraments) with a copy of candidate’s Baptismal Certificate and payment of $30- fee:

Sunday 16 February 11.00am OR Tuesday 18 February 7.00pm


  • Attend Mass for Rite of Commitment for all sacraments:

22/23 February at any weekend Mass (Mass times are Saturday 5.30pm, Sunday 8.30am, 10.00am & 5.30pm).


  • First Reconciliation Dates:

Session 1: Sunday 1 March 9.00am OR Tuesday 3 March 6.30pm

Session 2: Sunday 8 March 9.00am OR Tuesday 10 March 6.30pm

Session 3: Sunday 15 March 9.00am OR Tuesday 17 March 6.30pm

Session 4: Sunday 22 March 9.00am OR Tuesday 24 March 6.30pm


  • Reception of Reconciliation:

Tuesday 31 March 6.30pm


  • First Communion Dates:

Session 1: Sunday 24 May 9.00am OR Tuesday 26 May 7.00pm

Session 2: Sunday 31 May 9.00am OR Tuesday 2 June 7.00pm

Session 3: Sunday 7 June 9.00am OR Tuesday 9 June 7.00pm

Session 4: Sunday 14 June 9.00am OR Tuesday 16 June 7.00pm

Practice: Thursday 25 June from 6.00pm to 7.30pm (Practice times will be staggered. You will be notified of your time)


  • Reception of 1st Communion:

Saturday 27 June 5.30pm, Sunday 28 June 8.30am, 10.00am, 5.30pm


  • Confirmation Dates:

Session 1: Sunday 9 August 9.00am OR Tuesday 11 August 7.00pm

Session 2: Sunday 16 August 9.00am OR Tuesday 18 August 7.00pm

Session 3: Sunday 23 August 9.00am OR Tuesday 25 August 7.00pm

Session 4: Sunday 30 August 9.00am OR Tuesday 1 September 7.00pm

Practice: Tuesday 8 September 7.00pm


  • Reception of Confirmation:

Saturday 12 Sept 11.00am (TBC)