Important Parish Announcements – Changes brought about in response to COVID-19

Dear Parishioners,

We pray that you are well.

You may have heard recently, with the easing of Covid restrictions, places of worship are allowed to have 300 people in their buildings. However, the social distancing measure will still need to be followed. Due to the size of our church, the maximum we can accommodate will remain at 91 people. Please be mindful, that you will still need to register for masses using the Mass Registration link below.  For more details on the mass schedule, please refer to the Daily Mass Schedule link below. Confessions will be heard in the church every Saturday from 10.00 to 11.00am. All penitents will be asked to put their contact details on the list on arrival.

Parish Resources:

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      3. Mass Registration – Click Here
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  1. Additional Resources:

      1. Mental Health Wellness Tips for Quarantine – Click Here
      2. Divine Mercy Novena – Click Here
      3. Moment of Prayer by Pope Francis – Click Here

God Bless you always!

In Prayer,

Fr. Slawek, Fr. Casmir and the Parish Leadership Team.