Important Parish Announcements – Changes brought about in response to COVID-19

Dear Parishioners,

We pray that you are well. Due to the social restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we request you to use the below resources to stay up to date on the changes we have implemented in our parish.

Parish Resources:

  1. Parish Notice on COVID-19 Restrictions – Click Here
  2. Virtual Parish Cuppa on 7th June – Click Here for details
  3. Daily Online Mass Schedule – Click Here
  4. Weekly Homilies
    • Fr Slawek’s Homilies – Click Here
    • Fr. Basti’s Homilies – Click Here
  5. Planned Giving / Parish Donations – Click Here
  6. Divine Mercy Devotion – Click Here

Additional Resources:

    1. Mental Health Wellness Tips for Quarantine – Click Here
    2. Divine Mercy Novena – Click Here
    3. Moment of Prayer by Pope Francis – Click Here

God Bless you always!

In Prayer,

Fr. Slawek, Fr. Basti and the Parish Leadership Team.