Letter from Fr Slawek

10 November 2019


2020 Parish Sacramental Programme


Dear Parents,

For us, Catholics, the reception of Holy Sacraments constitutes the climax of a spiritual journey which always leads us to Jesus Christ. Through Baptism we immerse ourselves in Christ; through Reconciliation we seek His forgiveness; Eucharist invites us into a deeper communion of life with Him, and in Confirmation the Holy Spirit empowers us to cling to Christ even more closely, and to bring him to others. Hence, people who ask for Sacraments are those who have encountered the Lord or have matured enough to make a personal and conscious decision to become His committed followers.

One of the most important tasks the Parish Community has is to help the candidates to prepare well for the reception of Sacraments, so that it is Jesus Christ they seek and find.

On the day of Baptism you solemnly promised to ‘make it your constant care to bring your children up in the practise of the faith, to keep God’s commandments by loving God and our neighbour, so that the divine life could grow always stronger in their hearts.’ Now as your children wish to take a step forward on their Christian journey, we, the Parish Community at Mary Immaculate Church, are willing to help you to prepare them for another sacramental event.

The Parish based programme means all children of our Parish, irrespective of the school they go to, will attend instructions at the Parish; that parents will be asked to be actively involved; and that the Programme will be centred around the Sunday Mass which, for us believers, is the ‘source and summit of Christian life’.



To ensure the candidates get as much as possible out of the program, we believe that the sacramental preparation should be offered to children no younger than Year 3. Our experience tells us, that sometimes, it is beneficial for children to undergo the sacramental program later in life, even if it is one or two years later. It is up to you, the parents, to determine when you believe your child is mature enough to receive the following sacraments but the earliest, they can receive them in our parish is as follows:

  1. Candidates for Reconciliation need to be in Year 3 or above.
  2. Candidates for 1st Holy Communion need to be in Year 4 or above
  3. Candidates for Confirmation need to be in Year 6 or above.


It should also be stressed that the reception of sacraments is optional, and that it is a moment when a person celebrates their newly formed or renewed relationship with Christ. Consequently, sacraments should not be a ‘box to be ticked’ or a requirement for enrolment in a Secondary Catholic School.

If you wish to proceed, please refer to the attached Frequently Asked Question sheet which includes sacrament dates for 2020.

Please also find link to the Sacramental Application Form which will need to be downloaded, printed, completed and lodged at any Mass on the weekends of the 1/2 or 8/9 February 2019. There will be members of the Sacramental Team at these Masses to assist you in lodging these applications.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the team by email: eaglevalesacraments@dow.org.au or at the Parent Sacrament Information Meeting.


Fr Slawomir Plonka OMI

Parish Priest


Download Sacramental Application Form