Dear Parishioners and Friends

As you are aware, the NSW Premier has recently announced the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. As of 11:59pm on 18/02/2022 the following changes will be occur:

  •  No QR code checkin is required
  •  No density limits
  •  Congregational singing is allowed
  • Masks will no longer be compulsory (As of the 25/02/2022)
Thank you for your understanding and God bless.

Parish Leadership Team.

Reception of Covid-19 Vaccine

In response of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine  arrival into Australia, Bishop Brian Mascord has written a letter to all parishoners which discusses the benefits of receving the vaccine and respecting the decisons of individuals who chose to recieve it or not.

Also included in the letter is a statement from the Vatican regarding the ethical issues of the vaccine. Both documents are attached below or you can view the vatican statement by clicking the link found in the letter.

Bishop Brian Mascord’s Letter: Click Here

Vatican Statement: Click Here

Addeundum to Covid-19 guidelines: Click Here